Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Try to uphold the ban on offshore drilling - it's a bad idea now, won't have any significant positive impact in the future, and the wrong direction -

Some of you have recently reproduced, others have offspring, and some have plans to reproduce - so all of you not only have a vested interest in trying to keep the planet's environment stable for human survival for the next 30 or 40 years but for at least another hundred.  (I very much doubt that this is possible at this point I'm sorry to say but just because I'm fairly certain that human civilization will fall due to unsustainable resource requirements coupled with changes to the planet's environment that will make sustaining an infrastructure unlikely and even though I think that it is also likely that even with the fall of the current human civilization that the planetary environmental attenuations will be so great that like the extinction of the dinosaurs, so much of the planet's flora and fauna will die off in the subsequent environmental calamities that no land animals larger than a few lbs will be able to survive (and probably those will be the burrowing kind), which means that in my opinion, we will live to see the fall of human civilization (or die as it crumbles around us) and that humanity itself will become extinct in the next hundred or so years - I still am not the type to give up - I still keep hoping that we'll pull some kind of last minute hail mary play out of our asses and not end up all dying.   Even though I'm pretty sure that this is not likely.)

Never the less, I just took action on this issue and thought you might find it interesting too.

This is what I wrote, think about it and maybe tell them the same thing:

I oppose ending the ban on offshore oil drilling.  Forget about the fact that it's totally polluting and bad for the environment - what do you hope to accomplish by drilling?  
1) it will take 10 to 20 years for the first barrel to become available to the market - that's going to help the current energy crisis how?!?
2) Even at peak production, if all possible offshore areas were exploited, how much of an impact would it have?  A few percentage points of the total estimated need NOW, let alone 10 years from now!?!?
3) How stupid and ignorant does a person have to be to think that fossilized hydrocarbons are the answer - we should be MOVING AWAY FROM burning fossil fuels. 

If you want to start implementing solutions today to help us 10/20 years from now - build about 100 new NUCLEAR reactor power plants!
If you want to do something to help abate the energy crisis today - give huge/compelling incentives to all homes and businesses to put various types of solar and wind collectors on their houses and property.   Incent the transportation industry to move to plug in electric and hydrogen fuel cells.  

There's more power falling on the earth every day than it needs in a year.  And - these suggestions I have made can be implemented with IMMEDIATE abatement results.  It's all about the energy - while each implementation is small the net result will be huge.  If every American household reduced it's energy need by 20% - how many less barrels of oil is needed?   If 25% of the vehicles on the road were plug in electric and were being charged by electricity generated by nuclear, wind, or solar - how much less barrels of oil would that be?  

THAT is what you need to do to solve this crisis now and to SAVE HUMANITY AND THE CURRENT ENVIRONMENT in the long run.


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