Wednesday, July 23, 2008

anti-athiest site

To this site:

I just posted the following:

I was just searching on google images for some symbol to use on some kind of facebook app - and I wanted to find something that really captured what I feel is the most important and best aspect of who I am as a person - and I came across your web site.Wanted to say Hi. The graphic I was looking for was something that would clearly announce me as an Athiest. Hi there from an Athiest. And I'm your totally flaming, flamboyant, totally out atheist. I am liberal, I respect life and people and other cultures, and I have gay friends and I hope they all get to get married, and I don't plan on having kids myself and I live with someone and we're not married, and I want universal health care and an end to the war in iraq and I support alternative and sustainable energy production and am opposed to burning fossil fuels, and I'm an environmentalist.I also am relatively educated, and I apply reason and the scientific method, am skeptical and only "believe" in that which is empirically provable, (even if I can never actually spell empiricle correctly without a spell check and am too lazy to look it up right now, LOL). I am not an angry athiest, nor do I belive in astrology or wicca or magic or the christian devil (whatever name christians give that imaginary being) - because, like I said, I am an athiest. I don't believe in any of the many hundreds of various gods that have been worshiped in human history, I don't just not believe in yours to piss you off or because I'm unamerican or not patriotic, in fact, I'm very proud to be an American, and very patriotic and love this country dearly (which is why I'm always trying to save it - even from itself - as any true patriot from John Adams and George Washington on up would do). I am not an angry athiest in that I was not "hurt by god" or "angry at god" for some bad thing that happened to me. My move from being raised in a christian household to agnostisism to athiesm was not precipitated by any abuses or hardships. It was simply that I am an avid reader, and I think and contemplate what I study - history and philosophy especially, as well as many of the natural sciences. And - the more I learned, the more I saw, the more insight into life and the universe around me I gained, the more it became clear that there is no need for a god or any supernatural phenomina, moreover, the universe is a beautiful and awesome thing just as it is, all the more so because it is made up of completely random and meaningless matter and energy which for no reason at all happens to have formed matter able to be self aware (i.e. us) as well as all the other things we can be aware of... and to have to lower it to the point of saying some ghost decided, "oh, I'll make all this" and turn it into some crafted thing is to diminish it's value and preciousness greatly.Also - of course, there is the fact that there is absolutely no incontrovertible verifiable evidence of anything supernatural, yet there is overwhelming, chokingly massive amounts of evidence that shows where ever one looks, provided they look using the right tools to peer into the tiny crooks and crevices of the universe we find no god, no supernatural elements but simply more of the facinating and naturally explainable universe.Oh, but while I am not an angry athiest, I am a fearful one, because my studies have also shown me that no matter how much so-called good organized and otherwise religions claim to have done, their harm is always much greater and in my opinion, there is no greater threat to continued human civilization and humanity itself as an animal in this biosphere, than religion and the belief in the supernatural.Thank you.


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