Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Energy Policy - is Congress really so dumb?!

Has anyone seen the 2 energy proposals out there - has any one paid attention to what the Republicans want to do?
What, is this even a question - are they nuts - no offense really - but - "tax breaks to oil companies for more exploration"?!?! - Oil Companies are making obscene profits - OBSCENE!!!! Not only do they NOT deserve any tax breaks, they need to be heavily taxed on their OBSCENE profits, AND that money needs to be used to subsidized home installations of solar electric and solar thermal collectors, heat pumps, energy optimization programs. We need to implement laws to foster plug in electric vehicles.
We must say no to any more offshore drilling - mainly because one has to be an idiot to think that it will help any time soon, or that it will have much effect at all once it comes on line, and because if one still wants to expand fossil fuel use instead of solar/wind/hydro and nuclear one's hopelessly ignorant of the major downsides of global climate change, particulate and green house pollutants, heavy metals in the water table, and soil, and the effects of global extinction events.
Say no to offshore drilling
say no to tax breaks for oil companies
say yes to solar electric (both commerical/industrial, and residential)
say yes to solar thermal
say yes to plug in electric
Say no to incandescent light bulbs
And we do need many more nuclear plants, but that will take time to have any beneficial effect too - solar/wind is immediate so start there!!
This is so obvious - I cannot understand how incredibly dumb and short sighted the average human must be to miss this plain and simply obvious understanding. Its almost like the human race WANTS to die off miserably over the next few decades, suffering horribly.
I don't know - if I didn't live on this planet, I'd say good riddance, seriously. I'm a big believer in "you made your bed now lie in it", unfortunately - I'm doing everything I can to not destroy the planet to not waste energy, and all that jazz, but the rest of the planet's a-holes are screwwing it up for everyone, including me, and this is a group effort. I don't want to lie in this bed that was made. I want to lie in the bed that is not all about suffering, death, and extinction.
Really - it's a good thing those "you get 3 wishes" fantasies are just fantasies, because I think wish #1 would be that everyone who thinks the answer to our energy needs is more fossil fuels (and anyone who wastes energy irresponsibly, AND anyone who doesn't bother to have an opinion at all or or stay informed) should be disappeared. I'm not saying killed or dead. I don't care where they go, just so long as they ARE NO LONGER ON THIS PLANET. Put them on the moon without a suit, in the sun, in an alternate reality, in a fanciful paradise with 70 virgins, behind pearly gates, in boiling lakes of fire, whatever, I don't care - just make them all GONE. They are killing all of humanity.
Which - well, is important in and of itself, but I am a part of Humanity, and that is where I draw the line.